Gender: Male
Villain Type: Ghost
Season: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Homeworld: Karsh
First Appearance: 
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 1 (Movie)
Actor: William O'Leary

In Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: The MovieXaviax's ghost first appeared in the No-Men's headquarters. When Trent tried to attack him, Xaviax gained control over him, causing him to become a Kamen Rider & turn on his fellow agents, among them Michelle Walsh, who soon informed this to Kit & Len

While in Trent's body, Xaviax confronted Aaron Auttenberg, a social outcast who also happens to be Len's Earth counterpart. Pretending to feel Aaron's pain, Xaviax (through Trent) lied to Aaron that his father never loved him & was thus punished for it. He used this lie to harden Aaron's heart & he gave him the ability to become a Kamen Rider as well & made him his right-hand man. 

After losing control over Trent when he was freed by Kamen Rider Dragon Knight & Wing Knight, Xaviax instantly gained control over Aaron, increasing his rage. He was destroyed once & for all when Kit, Len, & Trent succeeded in freeing Aaron from his control. 


Trent Moseley (Butterfly Rider)

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250px-KRR-Kamen Rider Papillon

Butterfly Rider


Trent Moseley

Kit's friend Trent was Xaviax's first host after a failed attempt to attack him. In Trent's body, Xaviax was able to transform into a Kamen Rider & caused his host to turn on the other No-Men. It was also through Trent that Xaviax recruited Aaron into becoming his right-hand man after lying to him about his father. Xaviax lost control over Trent when Kit & Len were able to free him from Xaviax's influence. 

Aaron Auttenberg (Cerberus Rider)

Main article: Aaron Auttenberg
250px-KRR-Kamen Rider Cerberus

Cerberus Rider

Aaron, the Earth counterpart of Len, was the recruited right-hand man of Xaviax while he was in Trent's body. After losing control over Trent to Dragon Knight & Wing Knight, Xaviax quickly gained control over Aaron, increasing his rage. After Aaron was freed from his Xaviax by Kit, Len, & Trent, Xaviax, unable to hold on much longer while as a ghost, burst into ghostly flames. 

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