Kamen Rider Kuraga Splash
Water Demon Medusa
Gender: Female
Series: Kamen Rider: Armonsters
Motif: Eel
Rider Type: Heroine (Current)
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Counterattack
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Kamen Rider Kuraga Splash

Water Demon Medusa (水鬼メデューサ Mizuki Mede~yūsa?), also Kamen Rider Kuraga Splash (仮面ライダークラガスプラッシュ Kamen Raidā Kuraga Supurasshu?) and Medusa of the Eel (うなぎのメデューサ Unagi no Mede~yūsa?) is the one of the female Ragaku protagonists in Kamen Rider: Armonsters. She first met Agito Nikawa become Agito's third partner, allows to transformed into Kamen Rider Kuraga Splash. However, during the night when the moon is full, she transforms into winged eel-like bat Ragakumi Medusa of the Blue Moon (青月のメデューサ Seigetsu no Mede~yūsa?).


She was succubus/eel-type hybrid blue Ragaku woman and she originally lives. She has her eel hair which is pluck her eel hair that can make eel staff. She has her large breasts, but covered with her swimsuit and wearing her blue cape. In her Ragakumi form, she take off her cape, growing her bat wings and her breasts expanded larger than her original form.


Counterattack of The Strong Demon and Medusa's Rescue


In her normal form, Medusa was lovable side who bit the person's neck, sucking their sample of blood; only they fainted. She became Cyclous' best friend. However, her sexual attitude was flirt Agito causing her to temporarily become Ragakumication. In her Ragakumi form, she acting like crazed sexual attitude, but restrain her lovable side.


She has two forms, one of the Rider form and one of the Ragakumi form.

"Water Armonster! Dive Beetle, Evolve into Kuraga Splash! (splashing water)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kuraga Splash (クラガスプラッシュ Kuraga Supurasshu?) is the hybrid of Rider and Water Demon Medusa as well main Rider form. Her main weapon is Aqua Bow, allows to focus the targets and shoot the enemies. Her finisher move was Arrow Splasher; energizing the eel face to shot the enemies and exploded or alternately Medusa Shot; energize the eel head to shots the enemies in multiple times until the enemies' explodes. As she used Denunagi Bike Mode, she delivers the Medusa Strikyster.

Medusa of the Blue Moon (青月のメデューサ Seigetsu no Mede~yūsa?) is the transformed form of Medusa of the Eel. She used her Aqua Bow to slash the enemies, but the poison effect called Poison Cut.


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