Wake up my music is an old song by the legendary Top Idol duo, Masquerade. In the anime, the song was first shown in Episode 31. This song also acts as background music for multiple episodes in seasons one and two. In the movie, the song was performed by one of the greatest units in the rankings, SpLasH!. SpLasH! is a duo unit of Michelle Tachibana and Asami Himuro. Though not much is known about this group, they participated in the Special Audition in Episode 9 and appeared in several other episodes. They were given a bigger introduction during the Tristar Audition in Episode 33. The song will be performed by this unit with singing voices provided by Nemu and Yuniko from STAR☆ANIS.


Singing Part Romaji Translation
Michelle Tachibana Mainichi chigau watashi ni kizuiteru kana Did you notice the everyday me is different
Asami Himuro Anata to utau watashi ga ichiban kirei Because I'm the most beautiful one when I'm singing with you
Michelle Tachibana Chiffon no blouse ni hizashi wo atsume tara Tokimeki ga yokan ni naru The sunlight gathers by my chiffon blouse and my fluttering heart become it's premonition
Asami Himuro Senobi shita perfume hazumu kokoro mitai Kaze no naka odotteru no By using a stretch perfume, my heart's likely bouncing And I dance by the wind
Michelle Tachibana Anata no hidari gawa de, As I'm by your left,
Asami Himuro kasanete itai rhythm I want to feel the rhythm
Michelle Tachibana & Asami Himuro Mezameru tabi ni koi shiyō Mainichi chigau watashi ni kizuiteru kana Kinō yorimo kakujitsu ni suki ni natteku Hora, kikoete kuruyo Sweet Music Volume wo agetara Wake up, Love!! and falls in love as you wake up Did you notice the everyday me is different The certainity of yesterday now becomes a love Look on, listen to the Sweet music As you raise the volume, Wake up, Love!!

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