Vent Cards are Advent Beasts' cards that were shattered from dimensional portal.

Beast Cards

  • Contract/CallVent Card/ - A Vent Card to transform into Rider form. It also can capture the any Advent Beasts and turned into CallVent Card (previously named SummonVent Card in Ryuki Rider).
  • Sealing Card - A Vent Card that allows to gained the new ability.
  • Link Card - A Vent Card that allows used their Advent Beasts to link other Advent Beasts' Link Unit since the opponents' destroyed. Also, if Advent Beasts linking the more Link Units, the Advent Beasts evolve into stronger forms. Everytime the Advent Beasts evolved into even further form, the strongest Advent Beasts become The King of the All Advent Beasts if the super powerful Advent Beasts were passed on.

Weapon Cards

Vent Cards

  • Sword Vent
  • Blaster Vent
  • Defend Vent
  • Ventara Vent - Arresting the opponents then went to Ventara Prison.

Double Attack Cards

  • Dragatling Vent - Summon the Dragatling for Dragonizar.


  • Unlike Ryuki Rider though it used Advent Cards were as weapons or attacks for Riders, Vent Cards were attacks for Advent Beasts only.

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