Trent Moseley
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Motif: Butterfly
Rider Type: Villain/Puppet (Former, while his body was used by Xaviax)
Hero (Current)
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 1 (Movie)
Actor: Taylor Emerson
Butterfly Rider
250px-KRR-Kamen Rider Papillon

Trent Moseley is a friend of Kit Taylor in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. In the movie, while he was being possessed by Xaviax, Trent was able to transform into the tentatively named Butterfly Rider


When Xaviax's ghost appeared at the No-Men headquarters, Trent attempted to attack him only to end up as Xaviax's host. Under Xaviax's control, Trent attacked his fellow agents, among them Michelle Walsh, who soon informed this to Kit & Len after Trent/Xaviax left. 

While in his body, Xaviax through Trent recruited Aaron, a social outcast who also happens to be Len's Earth counterpart, & gave him the ability to become a Kamen Rider & his right-hand man. 

During a fight against Dragon Knight & Wing Knight, Trent was vented, which resulted with Xaviax losing control over him. Before losing consciousness, Trent suddenly realized his friends under their armor. 

After waking up, Trent started to feel outrageous guilt for recruiting an evil Kamen Rider & fighting his friends, all while under Xaviax's influence. Kit, Len, & Maya comforted him, explaining to him that it wasn't his fault. Although no longer under the influence of Xaviax, Trent was somehow able to once again transform into a Kamen Rider & fought alongside Kit & Len in an effort to save Aaron & defeat Xaviax once & for all. 

It's unknown if Trent is still a Kamen Rider afterwards. 

Butterfly Rider

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