220px-Titan Undead
Titan Undead
Episodes: Episode 26
Episode 27
Season: Kamen Rider Spade Warrior
Imitation Kamen Rider Club Warrior

Titan, or better known as the Titan Undead, is an artificial Undead created from the Scorpion Undead (right-half) & Chameleon Undead (left) being fused by Hadrian Kingston into one monster that had access to their attributes & two buckles on its belt. Kingston unleashed the monster for endgame, using Scorpion's Undead Venom & Chameleon's cloaking/disguise abilities to turn the Riders against each other. By acting that he fell under the power of Joker, Dirk Trent & the other Riders tricked Titan to reveal itself, defeating Titan by Spade Warrior King Form's Four Card with Diamond Warrior & Club Warrior splitting Titan back into two sealed Undead.

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