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Time Rider
Number N/A
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Time Rider Intro
Adapted from: Kamen Rider Den-O
Original airing:
Production Order




Time Rider is a separate installment in the American Neo-Rider Series. It'll be based on Kamen Rider Den-O.


A year before the events of Power Rangers High Seas, Z.J. has been traveling across the universe in search of the Legendary Ranger Keys. One day, after his return to Earth, he finds a strange pass that causes his time powers to flare up. And things get stranger with a mysterious girl and a large time-traveling train to being possessed by an entity called an Imagin, beings from an alternate future whose kind are attempting to change the past. Though slightly confused about the nature of the crisis, Z.J., along with the aid of the hot-headed, violent Imagin, dubbed Momotaros, becomes Time Rider, traveling to different times on the Time Liner to battle the evil Imagin to prevent them from altering the past to affect the present and future. During his adventure, Z.J. is joined by other Imagin who aid him as well; the lying, manipulating and womanizing Urataros, the herculean (and narcoleptic) Kintaros, and the childish yet powerful Ryutaros. He later meets the mysterious Chris McFly and his bumbling Imagin partner Deneb. Chris is not only Toro Rider but is the younger incarnation of Z.J.'s friend Ari's fiance, McFly, who mysteriously disappeared and is tied to the mysteries involving the Imagin and a person known as the Junction Point.

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