The Real Man & Woman
Gender: Male (The Real Man)
Female (The Real Woman)
Villain Type: Leader
Season: Kamen Rider Echo Demon
Affiliation: Themselves
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 40
Last Appearance: Episode 40
Number of Episode Appearances: 1

The Real Man & Woman are the creators of the Man & Woman, introduced in the final episode.


Not much is known about the Real Man & Woman other than that they created the Man & Woman to create the Makamou, Prince, & Princess for them. The reason they did this is currently unknown.


The Real Man is dressed in a black suit with a black top hat & cane while the Real Woman is in a gold colored dress with long sleeves & matching hat.


They are unseen for most of the series except for the final episode, where they give the Man an "Armor Orb" to keep him alive. Afterwards, they tell the Man & Woman that they have work to do. They are never seen again after this.

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