The ruler of Planet Eltar, was slain in the begining of the series.


He was an old man with a long beard and silver robes with a red cape, he had a red circlet around his head and wore his rider belt at all times.


As the King of Eltar he inherited the Power of the Riders, bearing a son who in turn bore his own son, he ruled dutifully as a wise and strong leader but was beset by disappointments from his heirs. He dueled his son who sought to take his power by force and was said to have destroyed him, he was also forced to banish his grandson for a similar crime.

The King faced off against all three of the Dark Forces commanders and held his own but was mortally wounded by the Dark Lord and finished of by Raigun. His spirit and powers then flew across the universe to the only suitable heir to the power of the Riders Dan. He now serves as Dan's unwanted conscience while he fights against the Dark Forces.

Rider Form

The King's Rider form was a white suit of armor with golden armor across his chest, golden arms and the royal insignia on the left side of his chest. He also sported a red cape and had antennae.


  • Punch Force:15 tons
  • Kick Force: 25 tons
  • Jump Height: several stories

Demonstrated Rider Attacks and Weapons

  • Entei: A red Rider Blade, its cutting power is matched by only a few other blades in the universe.
  • Fang Cycler: King's white and gold motorcycle, sentient, when King's power left it faded away to be reincarnated as Dan's ride.
  • Rider Kick: The King's rider kick is powerful and fast, appearing as a strike of lightning
  • Rider Punch: King's fist crackles with electrical energy and glows white hot, can be used as a punch or a wave across the ground.
  • Rider Slash: By charging his blade with his hand he can fire arcs of enery with a sword slash.

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