The Kamen Rider is the first entry in my version of the Kamen Rider Series.


In the U.S.A crime, unemployment, and poverty are all at all time lows because the government has developed specific sections of the country called sectors to be completely out of government jurisdiction. Takumi Hiroshi, a 22 year old man who was orphaned when he was 7, moves into Sector 11. He is then kidnapped by a gang named KOTO that rules the streets in Sector 11. KOTO tries to turn Hiroshi into a kaijin (a humanoid monster), but he escapes. As he's escaping he accidentally comes into contact with the cyclone driver, and he now uses it's power to fight KOTO as The Kamen Rider. He eventually meets a rider that KOTO brainwashed to do their biding. Takumi later frees him of his intellectual bindings and they team up to bring down Koto. However, there is an even greater conspiracy waiting to be uncovered and an even bigger one behind that one, but what are they.




•Kamen Rider (Takumi Hiroshi)

•Kamen Rider Powered (Jack Bennet)

•G-Rider (Colonel Sterling)






•Big Boss



•The name KOTO is derived from the japanese word for control

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