The Splashing Water Demon
Kamen Rider: Armonsters, Episode 5
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The Fiery Style Demon
The Splashing Water Demon

The Counterattack (逆襲 Gyakushū?) is the fifth episode of Kamen Rider: Armonsters. The first appearance was Water Demon Medusa before becoming her main Rider form and Agito's primary Kuraga Normal after the episode 1 before transformation. This is the recently main idea that used sexual or nudity scenes accidentally.



  • She was based of and referred was Medusa Phantom, but create new design, so it can creating Medusa Phantom look-a-like except blue color and eel tails replaced from an snake heads.
    • Strangely enough, it accidentally added her large breasts, but covered swimsuit. This course that has nudity scenes which she take off her clothes (or her primary swimsuit).
  • There are have two nudity scenes. The first one where Medusa without her clothes. And the second, Furei and one female Ragakyu (before becoming Fire Ragaku; Blastin) having yuri scenes.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Medusa masturbating her vagina while holding her breasts. As she still masturbated, the full moon cause Medusa transformed into her Ragakumi form, take the tube as her dildo to sex herself before her cum.
  • In the mid-scene of the episode, in the forest, Furei and the female Ragaku give their french kiss without their clothes. They do tribadism position