The Rescue Police Force, Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider Kabuto in Hyper Form, Goseigers, Gokaigers hides the bushes and sees Kagome, Sango, and Shippō relax in a hot spring.


  • Knight Fire: Listen did you hear?
  • Akitoki Hōjō: Ahh. I'm at a loss. However did I get to Mount Fuji? It's so dark, I don't know which where to go?
  • Sango: (off-screen) (Sigh)
  • Akitoki Hōjō: Huh?
  • Sango: This feels great. It's been ages since we relax like this. Kagome?
  • Kagome: Hmm?
  • Sango (Off-screen): What are you plan to do now that Naraku is dead?
  • Kagome: Don't know. Well, I guess I still have to look for the Sacared Jewel shards remember we didn't find the shard that Naraku had. (Thoughts) When all the shards are found... what will I do? What reason will I had for eternality. Sango?
  • Sango: Huh?
  • Kagome (Off-screen): We have to look for your brother, Kohaku, too.
  • Sango: With Naraku dead, I wonder how he's doing.
  • Kagome: Don't worry. he'll be fine. If he we keep searching for the Jewel shards, we're sure to find Kohaku sooner or later.
  • Shippō: That's right. We all help you don't forget.
  • Sango: Hmm. I appreciate that.
  • Kagome: Hmm.
  • Akitoki Hōjō: Ohh. Young Maidens. So let's you Maidens bathing.
  • Miroku: Excuse me, you there... sir.
  • Akitoki Hōjō: (Grunts)
  • Kagome: (Screams)
  • Sango: Who's there?
  • Miroku: Would you care explain what you were doing here?
  • Sango: Heyah!
  • Miroku: (Grunts)
  • Sango: Give a rest, Miroku can we even bath in private?
  • Miroku: You have it wrong! I was only standing guard protect you from danger nothing more.
  • Sango (off-screen): The only protection we need is against YOU!
  • Miroku: Wait, Sango! Don't be rash! (Screams)
  • (Sango throws a huge boulder on Miroku)
  • Inuyasha: What was that?
  • Kagome: (Screams) Inuyasha, you pervert sit!
  • Shippō: Ahh.
  • Inuyasha: I was trying to help.
  • Kagome: Yeah, right. cut it yourself for me.
  • Inuyasha: I didn't want it to see you?
  • Akitoki Hōjō: (Gulp) Thank goodness I was spared.
  • (Akitoki Hōjō crawls away)
  • Jiban: (whispers) Just leave it to the Rescue Police Force. We got this. to crack that huge boulder on Miroku. Daidaros Bombard Technique!
  • Fire: (Whispers) GigaStreamer Maximum Mode! Energy, charge!
  • Bycle & Walter: (Whispers) Daytric M2!
  • SolBraver & Knight Fire: (Whispers) Tornado Burst!
  • SyncRedder: (Whispers) Nova Tornado hissatsu! Magnum, Gel!
  • Janperson: (Whispers) Jack Cannon!
  • Gun Gibson: (Whispers) Ganboruba! Buroson!
  • Blue Swat: (Whispers) Dictator!
  • Gray Swat: (Whispers) Missile Launcher!
  • Purple Swat: (Whispers) Plugloader!
  • (Rescue Police Force shoots a boulder a first crack)
  • Kamen Rider Decade: (Whispers) We got this.
  • Perfect Zector Gun Mode: Kabuto, TheBee, Drake, Sasword Power! All Zecter Combine!
  • DecaDriver: Final Attack Ride, D-D-D Decade!
  • (Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper & Kamen Rider Decade shoots Boulder and second crack)
  • GoseiRed: (Whispers) Almost. We got this.

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