Super Prince & Princess
Gender: Male (Super Prince)
Female (Super Princess)
Villain Type: Subordinates
Season: Kamen Rider Echo Demon
Affiliation: The Man & Woman
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 16
Last Appearance: Episode 26
Number of Episode Appearances: 4

The Super Prince & Super Princess are main antagonists introduced in the second half of Kamen Rider Echo Demon.


The Super Prince & Super Princess wear late Woodland period-themed clothing, the former's red & the latter's being purple. Their weapons respectively being a baton & a warfan.


The Super Prince & Super Princess are the newest & "perfected" version of the Prince & Princess, perfect copies of the "Man & Woman" with one minor difference: they need to eat a special "Armor orb" to prolong their lives. Originally, having be newly created, the two acted like children with a slight incompetence. Overtime, first the Princess & then her partner, the Supers' minds "mature" into that of sociopathic adults with a homicidal personalities to the point of being hostile towards each other & an obsessive desire to taste Demon blood.


They were first seen, eliminating the "outdated" Puppets, replacing them and the Parents in overseeing the progress of the Makamou & fighting the Demons before & after their mental maturation. During the Day of the Dragon, the Super Princess started to question their existence & their creators' intent, much to the Super Prince's annoyance. After being told to protect the Demons, the Super Prince starts to question their masters as well & both begin to rebel against the "Man & Woman". This prove to be their undoing as they lose the method to prolong their short-lives & eventually dissolved at the same time Echo Dragon ended the Day of the Dragon.


Unlike their "older siblings", the Supers lack a battle-form. However, the two both possess enhanced physical abilities & energy attacks that enable them to fight the Demons up close.

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