Gender: Female
Series: Kamen Rider Echo Demon
Motif: Demon
Rider Type: Heroine
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 20
Last Appearance: Episode 20
Number of Episode Appearances: 1
Kamen Rider Bloodied Demon
Kamen Rider Shuki

Kamen Rider Bloodied Demon is a former Demon Kamen Rider.


Though she is actually in her eighties, Shuki used her power to assume a form that resembles herself in her early twenties. She is also one of the few Demons to use the spirit of the Firebird, an ancient technique no longer used by present day Demons. Furthermore, Shuki knows every incantation in the Demon's arsenal, including forbidden ones.

When she was young, her entire family was murdered by the Makamou Malsumis. She used this as a reason to become a Demon. Unlike other Demons, though, she used personal grudges & not the desire to uphold justice & protect the weak as a reason to fight the Makamou, & because of this, Shuki's forehead emblem had grown over her face, which explains why her looks are so different from the other Demons. This would also lead to her disgrace & stripping of her Demon title when she nearly killed her student, Zanki, in an attempt to destroy the Malsumis by aiming for his one weakspot: its mouth. She was given a student long before she was ready to take one on, but had no choice due to the death of her friend, the original Zanki.

Years later she would return to the battlefield, using Demon Armor to fight Demons in order to steal a transformation device from them to resume her Demon form & battle the Malsumis once more. Though the armor was destroyed, Shuki managed to get Todoroki's Transformation Chord & become Kamen Rider Bloodied once more. The Man & Woman attempted to recruit Shuki, but she refused their offer, overpowering the Super Prince & Super Princess before retreating in a blaze.

Later on, she took in Diana Fairchild as her apprentice due to seeing similarities in her wanting to be a Demon. Shuki's hate of the Makamou would be her downfall, as she was caught in the mouth of the Malsumis, she killed herself as a means to get her revenge on it finally, with Slashing Demon finishing the monster off. Dying, Shuki asked Zanki to honor her by covering her in flowers so no one can see her true face.

Arsenal & Attacks

  • 013main (1)
    Sound Attack Chord: Demonic Great Music: Bloodied Demon uses a harp as her weapon & is used two ways, either by playing its strings causing an energy wave or pulling the strings creating an energy arrow to shoot at her enemies.
  • Sound Attack Play: Exciting Heaven, Ground Motion: Sound Attack Finisher. Creates a energy arrow that pierces through foes.

See Also

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