Chi Blaygun

―Activation announcement
"Exceed Charge!"
―Finisher announcement via SB-913B Chi Driver

Designated "SB-913X", the Chi Blaygun is a multipurpose weapon, serving as a pistol, a dagger, & a lightsaber. By default, it is in the shape of the Greek letter Chi "Χ", or an upside down "4".

By inserting the Chi Mission Memory, a blade made of Sol Glass is extended from the bottom of the gun grip. This form may still utilize the pistol part of the weapon if the blade is held by the gun grip, though the weapon can be reversed to be used as a standard 2-handed sword.

It can be used in the Xeno Clash attack, where a constricting energy net is fired from its gun section, while simultaneously over-charging the sword section & temporarily increasing Kaixa's speed for a dashing strike.

It is important to notice that the blade of the Chi Blaygun does not cause damage by itself, but due to the energy that it discharges once in contact with the target.

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