180px-Axel photo

Phi Axel Watch

"Start Up!"
―Activation announcement
"Time Out!"
―Deactivation announcement

The Axel Watch is a device that Kamen Rider Phi uses to access Axel Form. Designated "SB-555W", this watch contains the Axel Mission Memory which, when placed in the Phi Phone, allows Phi to transform into Axel Form for about 10 seconds. Once in Axel Form, Phi presses the Starter Switch on the Phi Axel watch to start the countdown in tantum to the 10 seconds. After 10 seconds Phi Axel will revert back to his basic form.


  • Axel Watch is the first device which is a stopwatch.
  • Axel Watch is the first device that limited it's own mid-season upgrade.

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