Delta Phone

This phone is the control unit of the Delta Gear. The SB-333P Delta Phone can be connected to the Delta Mover mounted on the hip to create the Delta Blaster. Oddly enough, the Delta phone is not a phone at all, but a gun-handle with a trigger & phone antenna that becomes the handle of the Delta Blaster. The design may be inspired on some Walkie-Talkies that have the form of a grip. Whereas the Phi & Chi Phones are touch-tone activated, the Delta Phone is voice activated; the number commands are input verbally. Unlike the Phi & Chi Phones, the Delta Phone serves only as a control device for the Delta Gear & the transgenerator that powers the Gear is actually part of the Delta Driver.

Delta Command Codes

The Delta Gear has several command codes that must be spoken into the Delta Phone or Blaster to perform different functions.

  • "Kamen Rider": After verbally entering the code, the Delta Phone will say “STANDING BY”. When the Delta Phone is inserted into the Delta Mover (which must be on the Delta Driver), it will say "COMPLETE", followed by a series of beeping tones & a more computerize voice that says "KAMEN RIDER". The wearer will then be transformed into Kamen Rider Delta. Unlike Phi Gear & Chi Gear that can only be used if the human has Orphnoch blood or is an Orphnoch, this is the only belt that can be used by a human, but side effects such as addiction of using the Gear & minor Orphnoch-like powers may occur.
  • "Fire": When this code is entered, it will say “BURST MODE”. The Delta Blaster can fire 3 consecutive bursts of energy at once. It has 12 bursts until it must be recharged.
  • "Charge": If the Delta Blaster is empty & this code is entered, it will say “CHARGE” & will proceed to recharge all weapons power. This will take about 5 seconds.
  • "3, 8, 2, 1": When this code is entered, the phone will say “JET SLIGER, COME CLOSER”. It will summon the SB-VX0 Jet Sliger combat bike.
  • "Check": When the Delta Mission Memory is inserted into the Delta Blaster, it will say "READY" & extend 3 barrels out the front of the Delta Blaster. When the command code is entered, it will say "EXCEED CHARGE". This will allow Delta to perform the Lucifer's Hammer, a kick attack similar to Phi's Crimson Smash attack, or Chi's Gold Smash except instead of coming from a Pointer, the Photon Stream is shot from the Delta Mover & when it connects, it stuns the adversary, in which the Rider executes either a bicycle kick or a front dropkick into the stream, causing the Orphnoch's destruction. The Lucifer's Hammer technique is appears to be somewhat stronger than the other Rider Kicks.

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