Delta Driver

Delta Driver

"(Kamen Rider) Standing By! Complete!"
―Transformation announcement
"Exceed Charge!"
―Finisher announcement

The Delta Driver, designated "SB-333B", is a high tech looking belt that generates the photon streams for the Kamen Rider armor. If the belt is removed, the armor disappears. It is the primary storage place for the Delta Mission Memory. Unlike the other gears, the Delta Gear's buckle is fixed into the middle, where the Gear's transgenerator is attached. The transformation device fits into the right hip like a pistol-holster. It can be used freely by either humans with or without Orphnoch's blood or by an actual Orphnoch.

Similar to SB-555B Phi Driver, this belt also remains intact, even after the Arch Orphnoch's demise; that is until, during near the series finale, the belt was destroyed by the Rose Orphnoch & the remaining components were reused to make the two Emperor's Belts (SB-315B Psi Driver (a.k.a. the Belt of the Sky) & SB-000B Omega Driver).

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