SB-000S Omega Stlanzer

―Activation announcement
"Exceed Charge!"
―Finisher announcement via SB-000B Omega Driver

Designated SB-000S, the Omega Stlanzer is Kamen Rider Omega's personal weapon, also dubbed The Sword of Hades. By plugging the Omega Mission Memory into the sword, then pressing [ENTER] button on the phone, the sword can EXCEED CHARGE and create a powerful attack. The attack itself, dubbed the Omega Slash, has the weapon extend a Photon Blade which can either counterattack or capture a target before destroying it. This attack is equivalent to Phi Blaster's Photon Field Floater. Apparently, the Omega Stlanzer also has a gun mode & has been theorized that, in a way similar to the Delta Blaster, it can EXCEED CHARGE to perform Omega's Rider Kick, the Emperor Smash.

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