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Optional Equipment

Collectible Devices

Mission Memories

  • Faiz
  • Faiz Axel
  • Psyga

Rouze Cards

Rider Cards

Gaia Memories

Trigger's Memories

  • T2 Trigger Memory

Luna's Memories

  • T2 Luna Memory

Double's Memories

  • Shotaro's Memories
    • Joker Memory
    • Metal Memory
    • Trigger Memory
  • Philip's Memories
    • Cyclone Memory
    • Heat Memory
    • Luna Memory
  • Sentient Memories
    • Fang Memory
    • Xtreme Memory
  • Prism Memory

Joker's Memories

  • Joker Memory

Cyclobe's Memories

  • Cyclone Memory




Trigger's Weapons

  • Trigger Rifle
    • Rifle Mode
    • Sword Mode

New Diend's Weapons

  • New Diend Driver

Zero's Weapons

Luna's Weapons

  • Luna Spear

New Faiz's Weapons

  • SB-555C Faiz Shot
  • SB-555B2 Faiz Pointer
  • SB-555H Faiz Edge
  • SB-555T Faiz Blaster

New Blade's Weapons

  • Blay Rouzer

Kabuto's Weapons

  • Kabuto Kunai Gun
  • Perfect Zecter

Gatack's Weapons

  • Gatack Vulcan
  • Gatack Double Calibur

Ixa's Weapons

  • Ixa Knuckle
  • Ixa Calibur
  • Ixariser
  • Garulu Saber
  • Basshaa Magnum
  • Dogga Hammer

Zangetsu Shin's Weapons

  • Sonic Arrow

Blade's Weapons

  • Blay Rouzer
  • King Rouzer

Zeronos' Weapons

Decade's Weapons

  • Ride Booker

Diend's Weapons

Double's Weapons

  • Metal Shaft
  • Trigger Magnum
  • Prism Bicker

Birth's Weapons

Fourze's Weapons

Gaim's Weapons

  • Daidaimaru
  • Pine Iron
  • Ichigo Kunai
  • Suika Sojinto
  • Banaspear
  • Donkachi
  • Duri Noko
  • Musou Saber
  • Sonic Arrow
  • Hinawa Daidai DJ Ju
  • Mango Punisher
  • Budou Ryuhou
  • Kiwi Gekirin
  • Melon Defender
  • Kagematsu
    • Kagematsu (Upgraded Ver.)
  • Kurumi Bombers

Baron's Weapons

  • Banaspear
  • Mango Punisher
  • Sonic Arrow

Ryugen's Weapons

  • Budou Ryuhou
  • Kiwi Gekirin

Zangetsu's Weapons

  • Melon Defender
  • Musou Saber

Psyga's Weapons

  • SB-315F Flying Attacker
  • SB-315T Psyga Tonfa Edge

Dark Decade's Weapons

  • Dark Ride Booker

Bujin Gaim's Weapons

  • Daidaimaru (Crimson Ver.)
  • Musou Saber

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