Oh Sexy, Samuel's Secret Book Revealed (オセクシー、サムエルの秘密ブック明らか O Sekushī, Samueru no Himitsu Bukku Akiraka?) is the 41th episode of Kaijitsu Rider.


When Samuel's Secret Books were revealed, Eureka forcing his husband to focus his current running gag. Meanwhile, Drazetron saw the even worse enemy of all and revealed none other than Kamen Rider Zangetsu to order kill Samuel. Why did Takatora tried to kill Samuel? However, the duos can stop him from killing his ancestor.


After the previous episode and battle against Koroo, Eureka angrily walked towards Samuel's room.


  • Takatora/Zangetsu was first appeared, but Drazetron knowingly that he was ghostified and force to kill Samuel.
  • Samuel's Secret Books temporarily banned by Eureka because she saw the nudity of Precure girls.

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