Nisha Kend

Kamen Rider:Swan
Planet Ventara
Age 17
Birthdate 25th August 1989
Height 5,6 ft
Weight 100ibs
Gender Female
Species Ventaran
Team Light Kamen rider Team
Occupation Kamen Rider




Advent Deck
Swan Deck
Advent Beast


Nisha is journalist. She was going to be killed by Phoenix, but was saved by Bat.Yue tells Nisha to become a Kamen Rider to protect Ventara, but it was only Phoenix attacking a man that convinced her.

Kamen Rider: Swan

Advent Beast

Her advent beast is blancwing, a kind swan which flows feathers from his mouth.

Advent Cards

Blanc Visor: Kamen Rider Swan's card reader (Rapier Sword)

Attack Vent:Summons Blancwing

Guard Vent: A shield (Part of Blancwing's body) protects Siren. Also when she is using this card, she can teleport by feathers, and turn invisible just like Phoenix.

Final Vent: Blancwing flows the white Minions, then Siren attacks them with her wing slasher

Sword Vent: Summons Wing Slasher

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