NEOS Rider is

NEOS Rider

the 35th season of Nexus series. This season was Kaijitsu Rider's successor as a anniversary after the finale. This season was the season finale for Beast Arc as Samuel Nakaoka finally cease his Final Deva project and human&anime war would never happened which is to the next arc awaits.



Next Rider

NEOS Kaisuke Sakurai

Beast Riders

Orange Blast Agido Joo
Gold Lemon Ichigo Inui (a son of Takumi Inui and Love Momozono)
Armored Grape Uchty Matoi (a son of Utsusemimaru and Ryuko Matoi)

The Nitros

Cherry Orange Cherrys
Navy Orange Berrystro
Chinese Orange Ryustro
Sound Orange Soundtro

Beat Riders

Red Orange Orange Deluxe Agido Joo (later, defected to Beast Riders since Ichigo joined the group)
Green Lime Lime Suite Shitoron
Blueberry Blueberry Tropical Raquel
New Grape Inori Tsubomiya

Elite Force Riders

Pitaya Asuka Marvelous
Coconut Nozomu Itoshiki
Pink Lemon Neriza Joo


  • Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo
  • Samuel Joo
  • Asami Nakaoka
  • Roho Joo
  • Melk the Second
  • Wise God Torin
  • Kasuza (Samuel's inner)
  • Madaio (a master of Generation Beasts and mentor of Kurama)
  • Doctor Ulshade
  • Captain Marvelous
  • Asuna
  • Chibibon/Bondos
  • Lazars (the son of Azunig)


The Crews

  • Shadow the Knight (originally as his dark energy-like being before seperating with Marine Lady Makuria and the strange mist appeared on Agido and his friends, however, it was revealed he was possessed by Reijinju which is Samuel unknowingly defuse back and released by Zebra to test Calrem to fight against the The Three Terrors)
  • Eustace (co-leader)
  • Dr. Mikoto (co-leader)
  • Darkros (co-leader)
  • Luika (Samuel's Yang)
  • Commander Zog
  • Professor Vice
  • Reijinju

Horen Faction

Stink Durian Head Chef Horen
Laser Raspberry Rider Hunter Saiyer
Planetary Pitaya Planet Hunter Odrago
Rage Lemonade Darkness Hunter Maoryugami
Aqua Neptune Marine Lady Makuria
Crimson Butterfly Blood Hunter Gaojin
Gold Dragon Magic Hunter Solda


Morphing Devices

  • DosCard Driver (it was originally created by Reijinju when she never used in long ago as DestroDriver before Kaisuke recreating into a transformation device)

CreaturLoad Cards


  1. Striking the CreaturLoad, NEOS Rider is Here
  2. Attack from Chaos, Samuel Disappeared
  3. The Full Yellow Lightning Warrior
  4. The Green Warrior of Wood
  5. The Blue Ocean Elemental Warrior
  6. The Final Golden Warrior
  7. Samuel was Still Alive, Reijinju Appeared
  8. Final Episode: The New Beginning, Enter the New World
  9. Finale Part One: Samuel's Last Burn (Samuel seemingly died along with "Reijinju")
  10. Finale Part Two: Samuel and Agido, Revival Successor



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