Kamen Rider Hex
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider: Hex
Motif: Curses
Rider Type: Hero
Homeworld: Earth (Korundum)
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Kamen Rider Hex

Mizu, also known as the Mad Prince, is the second Kamen Rider Hex.


Mizu’s father Kaze was a minor noble in the ruling Outerfolk clan, his mother Shizuka one of the Emperor’s assassins. Both of them were generally busy, so he was cared for by an Underfolk servant named Kono Dolom. When he was nine, Mizu became dangerously sick, and was quarantined away from the other children--which meant that when an Underfolk rebellion overtook the castle, he wasn’t locked safely away with the rest of them. He snuck out and witnessed the fighting, and possibly the death of his mother.

He took the Hex amulet from Shizuka's body, accidentally concealing it long enough for Kono Dolom to take it before the rebels realized it was missing.

Because of his feverishness and refusal to believe what was going on, people started thinking Mizu had lost his mind. Kono Dolom encouraged this, telling Mizu to pretend (once he’d recovered enough to understand), and the rebels let Kono take Mizu in. He’s played the madman ever since, partly to protect himself, and partly so nobody would try to raise a rebellion around him.


Mizu is funloving, amiable and mellow, but with a devious streak—he enjoys fooling people into thinking he’s crazy. Usually he goes for friendly, childlike and delusional, but if someone tries to tell him that his family is dead, he’ll freak out and start throwing things. When something bothers him he has to do something about it, otherwise it weighs on his mind and makes him increasingly depressed. He sees Kono Dolom as a father; he barely remembers his birth family, and isn’t proud of them or what they did. Becoming a Kamen Rider is his way of atoning for what they did, since he has zero interest in the throne—if anything, he’s afraid of it.


Mizu, like all Overfolk, is humanoid. He has middling brown skin, shaggy black hair that does whatever it wants, dark eyes, and a lean musculature usually covered up with loose clothes. He is 16 years old.


Hex Rider Lone Alt
  • Hex Quarters
  • Evil Eye
  • Curse Shots
  • Ill Stars
  • Bane Blade
  • Jinx Hammer
  • Motohex
    • Hydra Guns

    • Luck Charms
    • Rabbit Charm
    • Horsehoe Charm
    • Clover Charm
    • Wishbone Charm

  • Blessed Keys
  • Holy Water
  • Darshan Vision
  • Aarti Lamp


  • Mizu has undergone several gender changes in drafting.