193px-MRW Origins- Leader
MRW Origins: Leader
Adapted from: Kamen Rider
Release date(s): TBA
Production Order


MRW Origins: Leader is the first movie of the MRW Origins series. It revolves around Alvar AKA Masked Rider Warrior Leader, the first generation of the Masked Riders of Edenoi.


The story takes place in Edenoi, a distant planet plagued by the mysterious & cruel Valkyrie Empire. To further its plans for world domination, the Valkyrie Empire recruits its agents through kidnapping, turning their victims into mutant cyborgs &, ultimately, brainwashing them. However, one victim, Alvar, who happens to be the Prince of Edenoi, escapes just before the final brainwashing. With his sanity & moral conscience intact, Alvar battles the Valkyrie Empire's minions as the grasshopper-themed altered human superhero... the Masked Rider.


Masked Rider Warrior Leader Alvar


Valkyrie Empire

Main article: Valkyrie Empire

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