Gender: Male
Ally Type: Renegade
Season: Kamen Rider 555
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Enter Phi
Last Appearance: Episode 35
Number of Episode Appearances: 4
Goat Orphnoch
Goat Orphnoch

Luther is Meteor Academy's foster father & the former chief of Smart Brain. He also created the three Rider belts. He is also known as the Goat Orphnoch.

Plot & Review

Luther was intent to find the Orphnoch King. He is also responsible for creating the three Rider belts & the six Omicron belts. The origin of his Orphnoch nature remains untold in the TV series, however it's assumed that he is perhaps a 'natural' Orphnoch due to his great speed & strength (that surpasses even the Dragon Orphnoch). He disappeared under Smart Brain HQ upon learning the fatal nature of humans' rapid evolution into Orphnoch, stealing the Rider Gears & entrusting them to his surviving students. Before he disappeared after his rapid evolution, Luther returned to Smart Brain to strip Midgley of his duties & appointed Carter as the permanent head of the company to fulfill his final request: to terminate the Orphnoch King.


This angle to skewer prey in the sprint is 2 310km per hour, that grew in the head. That even in the huge building to smash emits a vibration wave resonance is also possible.

See Also

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