LockSeeds (ロックシーズ Rokku Shīzu?) is the mysterious and usable device that the source of Ibves' powers. This LockSeeds contains the powerful surge that Samuel Nakaoka making the Poke Balls for himself or his friends by using Apricorns. As the LockSeeds inserted, the person can transformed into Rider form or if using Ibves to temporarily evolve into higher form. Revealed in Samuel's past, the Gaisuto loves LockSeeds as they were actual cosmic beings.

List of the LockSeeds

Classical Series

These LockSeeds were classes unlikely the premature LockSeeds. There are four classes on each LockSeeds.

  • FreeRide Class - A common LockSeed class which is weakest Inves after captured it.
  • EnergyRide Class - A uncommon LockSeed class which is strong Inves after captured it.
  • BoulderRide Class - A rare LockSeed class which is strongest Inves after captured it.
  • ZeroRide Class - A rarest and most legendary LockSeed class which is very powerful Inves after captured it.

FreeRide Class

  • Orange LockSeed - A orange-like lock was mainly used by Agido Joo. However, his Orange LockSeed was heavily damaged by Sazura End until restored as ZeroRide Class Zentamenaku LockSeed.
  • Himawari LockSeed
  • Lime LockSeed
  • Peach LockSeed
  • Cherry LockSeed
  • Blueberry LockSeed
  • Grape LockSeed
  • Banana LockSeed
  • Mango LockSeed
  • Apple LockSeed

EnergyRide Class

  • SparkBanana LockSeed
  • ShushutoStrawberry LockSeed
  • OhMyMelon LockSeed
  • BomberDurian LockSeed

BoulderRide Class

  • Bakuretsu LockSeed
  • LaserRaspberry LockSeed
  • BallWatermelon LockSeed

ZeroRide Class

  • MasterPinecone LockSeed
  • Zentamenaku LockSeed - A crimson orange-like lock mainly used by Agido Joo after his main LockSeed's damages. After Sazura's destruction, his LockSeed regained it's form.

Finisher LockSeed

  • Victor LockSeed - A LockSeed holds the Ibves' powers to Drafutan (later Drazetron). It can handle himself or gathering powering the Victor LockSeed up. Inserting the Ganbarin LockSeed, it announce Vamola, Everyone Stampede Around (バーモラ、みんなアバレンチョー Bāmora, Min'na Abarenchō?) and finisher Everyone Gathering One-blow (みんな集い必殺 Min'na Tsudoi Hissatsu?).
  • MAXPower LockSeed - A LockSeed holds their allies' powers to Drafutan (later Drazetron). It can gathering powering the MAXPower LockSeed up. Inserting the Ganbarin LockSeed, it announce Vamola, More Thanicho (バモラー、もっとよりンチョー Bamorā, Motto Yorinchō?) and finisher More Powerful Attack (より強力攻撃 Yori Kyōryoku Kōgeki?). When two Victor and MAXPower inserted, it announce Vamola, This Really Rampage Gathering (バモラー、メカメチャアバリンチョー Bamorā, Mekamecha Abarinchō?) and finisher Ibves, Everyone One-blow Attack (イビス、みんな必殺攻撃 Ibisu, Min'na Hissatsu Kōgeki?)

Core Series

These Core LockSeeds were actually from Legion Core's energy which is made from pure crimson minerals.

FreeRide Class

EnergyRide Class

BoulderRide Class

ZeroRide Class


  • The LockSeeds was bit similar of Astroswitches and Gaia/Battery Memories which is used for battle. It was also homage of Poke Balls from Pokemon series.
    • Because of XY Saga, the Poke Balls were created by Gantetsu and Samuel Nakaoka Joo, the LockSeeds were created by Samuel Nakaoka himself as he knew about powerful surge.

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