Gender: Male
Series: Masked Rider of Mystica (Season 2)
Motif: Longhorn beetle
Rider Type: Anti-Hero (First)
Hero (Current)
Homeworld: Mystica
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:
Mutant Rider

Mutant Rider is an anti-hero (later, protagonist) character of the second season of the American Kamen Rider Series installment, Masked Rider of Mystica.


Lewis was a young boy who was the survivor after his village was destroyed the Homonculi Army. He escaped into the Toxic Forests, where hardly anyone survived. His management to survive sparked Lewis's metamorphosis into Mutant Rider, a flawed form of Masked Rider. The loneliness from being rejected & feared by those he knew fueled his lust for battle, which in turn made Mutant Rider increasingly wild. His ferociousness is so great, that Mutant Rider appears as brutal in the eyes of those who witness him in battle; wildly brandishing his claws & tendrils at his adversaries.

Mutant Rider's Forms

Mutant Rider


Mutant Rider

  • Head height: 200 centimeters (6ft 5in)
  • Base weight: 100 kilograms (220.4lbs)

Ability perimeters

  • Punching power: 10t
  • Kicking power: 20t
  • Maximum jump height: 50m (broad) (164ft)
  • Maximum running speed: 100m/5s (328ft/2.5sec)
  • Vision: 20 km approx. (12.4 miles)
  • Hearing: 20 km approx. (12.4 miles)
  • Defense Rating: 5

As Mutant Rider, Lewis became a truly formidable warrior, with a ferocity that made him a force that rivaled even Masked Rider. In one-on-one combat, he & Masked Rider's fighting prowess would be considered equal. However, the transformation was unstable & carried detrimental effects to Lewis’s body. The transformation was so unstable that Lewis’s body began to degrade from accelerated cellular decay. The cellular damage on his body became so severe that he had died from the effects only to be revived thanks that the intervention of others. He was revived once by Lord Stagger, then again by the Princess. However, after being resurrected by the Princess's supernatural healing power, Lewis discovered that his body chemistry was also altered; able to now accommodate the transformation.


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