Gender: Male
Ally Type: Kamen Rider
Season: Super Samurai
Homeworld: Ventara
First Appearance: Warriors of Two Worlds
Last Appearance: Warriors of Two Worlds
Number of Episode
Actor: Matt Mullins
Kamen Rider Wing Knight

Len is Kamen Rider Wing Knight from the series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight who, along with a couple other Kamen Riders, teams up with the Samurai Rangers in the special Power Rangers Super Samurai - Warriors of Two Worlds.


He is aloof in personality & tries to keep the Riders' existence a mystery from the public.


Prior to the special, Len makes it to the Samurai Rangers' hometown first & finds Antonio's OctoZord, which he somehow lost. Antonio, who thinks that Len stole it, chases him down until they both are forced to fight & reveal their transformed identities. As Wing Knight, Len attacks Antonio with Darkwing by his side. As Len's Contract Beast attacks, a Nighlok, Multeye, reveals himself & states that he was told to stick to Len. In the melee, Multeye manages to grab the Advent Gun, a mysterious gun that Len retrieved from Ventara for protection, & uses it against him, eventually taking it to become a Kamen Rider himself.

After the Samurai Rangers & Kamen Rider Dragon Knight battle Multeye, Antonio holds the Advent Gun hostage for Len to return the OctoZord to him. After which, Len & the other Riders return to their hometown.

Kamen Rider Wing Knight


  • V-Buckle
  • Dark Visor
  • Wing Lancer

Advent Deck

  • Attack Vent
  • Sword Vent
  • Trick Vent
  • Nasty Vent
  • Guard Vent
  • Final Vent


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