Kenta Nishihori
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Title Kenta Nishihori
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Status Alive
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First Appearance Ep 1: Ring
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Kenta Nishihori is Ben's best friend and the local Toku fanboy.

Character History

Kenta and Ben were best friends in high school, and when Ben's mother had her breakdown, he convinced his parents to let Ben stay with them until things evened out.

As he pursued a Masters in Engineering, Kenta ended up staying at the lab for long stretches of time to work on a secret school project. One day, he called Ben to tell his parents that he'd be late coming home, but oddly enough, Ben turned up an hour after he got home. The odd behavior continued, until Kenta called Ben out late that night. When his friend recounted his adventure, Kenta found it hard to swallow, but was intrigued by the Prophet's Ring and accompanying parchment of hieroglyphics.

On his way to class the next morning, Kenta saw Ben on his bike. Suspecting where Ben was going, he followed him to a condemned building in which a cluster of criminals were holding out. From a distance, Kenta witnessed Ben henshin and fight his way through the goons, and met up with him afterwards. He suggested that Ben name his bike, and that he call himself Kamen Rider.


Kenta is serious-minded and often busy, with a passion for mechanics, computers, and tokusatsu. He is highly intelligent and receptive.

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