Kazari Is The Main Character In Kamen Rider Spark. He was Once a OOOs Greed But The Greed Was Destoyed, Leaving The Human Form. He Became Kamen rider Spark With His Friend Ryoma Hidari. He is The Soul of Spark and Ryoma is The Body of Spark. In Episode 5, He Was Revived By an Alien Babarue and Turn Him Into an Alien Babarue. His New Greed Form In Called "Babarue Greed" and He Has a New Human Host.

"Now, Time To Break The Ice!!"

- Kazari's Catchphrase After Henshin


Kazari (Human Form)


Kazari (Greed Form)


The Start Of an Adventure

He Was Given The Spark Driver By Shotaro Hidari (Joker) To Fight Final Empire. He First Fight was With The Capricorn Zodiarts. Kamen Rider Spark Episode 1: The Falling Stars And The Start Of a Journey.

A New Look


Kazari's True Greed Form, Activated When Kazari Revived From The Dead


Kazari's New Human Form Activated After Kazari's Death

​Powers and Weapons

Disguise: Alien Babarue can perfectly disguise himself as an Rider at sheer will, but only if he has seen them.

Ice Breath: Alien Babarue can exhale a strong breath of ice from his mouth, capable of freezing Kaijin in seconds.

Size Change: When needed, Alien Babarue can change his size from that of a man’s to that of a giant’s.

Blade: Alien Babarue's left forearm has a blade on it, which is dangerous in battle.

Dark Rocket: Alien Babarue's right forearm can fire a chain, which can ensnare opponents or objects.

Spiked Club: Alien Babarue has a club that is spiked.

Energy Blast: Alien Babarue's right forearm can also fire moderately powered, purple energy blasts from his hands.

Battlenizer: Alien Babarue's Battlenizer Is Able To Summon 4 Kaiju. The Kaiju Are;

1. Antlar, His Main Kaiju

2. Salamandora, His Henchman Fighting Kaiju

3. Gudon, The Only Kaiju That Can Breath Underwater

4. Galberos, His Secondery Kaiju For Weak Kaiju


The symbol on the middle of his chest is his weak point. If anything rips it, it can cause him great pain.

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