Corrupt Flame Spirit

Spirit mode turning into Humanoid

Kamen rider Flame was known as the god of destruction and was sealed by Kamen Rider Dark Decade using the Ma Fu Ba sealing pot. Seeking for revenge, he overpowered himself , making the pot exploded. When he was out of the pot, he went to the city to search for Dark Decade. 

600 Centuries Ago

Long time Ago, The god of destruction was a ghost spirit until he found himself a samurai. He possess the samurai, turning the samurai into his humanoid form, Kamen Rider Flame. When he went into the Edo village, he set a bomb underground, which can spread up to 12.000 km. Luckily, Kamen Rider Dark Decade, freed from Flame's possession, uses the Ma Fu Ba sealing pot to seal flame, until then in the year 2030, he was freed.


Revenger: A belt made out of pure evil. Flame must possess someone to use the belt. It can allows him to transform into wheel mode.

Ma Tan Ka SoulCalibur: A sword rebuild from a samurai's katana. It can hit 6 buildings in a row.

Hyuu Saa Kan Darkomb: An underground minebomb which allows to explode to 12.000 km. Once used, but failed

Demon Imperial BeastCalibur: Using his demon sword, the remains of the SoulCalibur and a potion of controlling all beasts, it transforms into the Demon Imperial BeastCalibur.


Spirit mode: Where he can possess and control anyone.

Humanoid mode: Basic form and it can allows him to grow giant

Wheel mode: Via his giant humanoid form, it turns him into a giant bike

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