My First Series on this Wiki, it's based on several other Kamen Rider Series and other Toku series. Warning it may get a bit graphic.

Plot Synosis

Prince Dan of Eltar was banished to Earth due to his breach of conduct, however during his exile his homeworld was invaded and the king his grandfather had been killed in battle and his home sacked by the minions of the Dark Lord. Now having inherited the Power of the Riders he is their next target along with Earth, however he is not alone



  • The King: Ruler of Dan's homeworld, he banished his grandson after he committed a crime. Slain by Raigun his powers were transferred to his Grandson along with his spirit which acts as forceful moral compass for his grandson.
  • Prince Dan : A banished prince, Dan could care less about helping anyone but himself but is forced to take up the mantle of his ancestors when the Power of the Riders is transferred to him



  • The Dark Lord: Leader of the dark forces that invaded Dan's homeworld, a calm and often quite being who rarely shows any hints of emotion. He is powerful, for while Raigun killed the King, it was the dark lord who defeated him after he was defeated all three of his commanders.
  • Raigun: Second-in-command of the dark forces, Raigun is an pompous as he is narcissistic, tasked with killing the Prince, he mainly leaves the task to his subbordinates as he pampers himself.
  • Mikail the White: Another commander, he appears as white robot but the truth is that he is a cyborg. With an obession with perfection he augmented himself with machine parts, causing him to exiled from his world, due to the Dark Lord giving him the tech to complete himself, he is forever in his debt and while Raigun is the Second-in-Command, Mikail is the one the Dark Lord trusts with the maintenance of his army.
  • Serana of the Black: The resident 'witch' of the commanders, she was also exiled from her homeworld. She was banished for her inhuman experiments which resulted in monsters. She was the first of the commanders recruited and her 'witchcraft' was combined with Mikail's knowledge to create the Inhumanoid soldiers used by the Dark Forces. Unlike the other two, or anyone else in the organization, Serana has seen the Dark Lord's face and is in love with him, which sometimes causes her to act irrationaly.
  • Shocktroopers: The lowclass grunts that make up the bulk of the Dark Forces, while stronger than the average human they are no match for a Kamen Rider.
  • Inhumanoid: The 'kaijin' of the Dark Forces, while shocktroopers are mindless grunts, Inhumanoids are people transformed into monsters to challenge the Power of the Riders.
  • Pending


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