Kamen Rider Universe is a Japanese tokusatsu dramedy in Toei Company's Kamen Rider series. It is the 18th show in the Heisei period, and the 27th overall. 

In actuality, a concept created by Voile, which may or may not be transfered to fanfiction form.


In 2009, a strange device is found by tunneling crews in Japan, and handed over to the JSDF. While studying it, the facility is attacked by a malformed monster, and the strange device is lost when the creature flies off with it, badly injured.

5 years later, a student on a class trip, Jamison Bleier, finds the device in a forest and takes it. On the way back to the hotel, however, one of the students on the bus begins to go berserk and malform. In an act of desperation, a badly-beaten Bleier attempts to use the device, turning him into a masked warrior, Kamen Rider Sigil.


Jamison BleierA mostly average student from the USA who enjoys music, food, and people above all. He enjoys the few friends he has, and is reasonably capable.

Kamen Rider Sigil- The masked warrior that Jamison transforms into via the StarDriver, a mysterious device he found on a class trip. His power comes from the large amount of forms he can transition into based off the Western Zodiac. His main weapon is the Makentis, a transformable weapon formed out of his Lens Holder.

Kato Ayumu- The son of a JSDF scientist, he can come off to be quite cold, ruthless, and confrontational. He works alongside Sigil to protect Japan.

Kamen Rider Cosmos- Cosmos is Kato's transformation, via the Artifical Rider System Prototype, or the ARSP, which was created from scans of the StarDriver. His main weapon is the Enforsaber, a retractable sword that can be charged with electricity. The system has an energy consumption problem.

More to be added once I come up with them/write the story.


  • There are references to both Kamen Rider Ichigo and Fourze. Kato drags Jamison to the Hongo School of Self-Defense in order to learn how to actually fight, and some of the students at the school Jamison transfers to suggest forming a Kamen Rider Club, after the publicized appearences of Sigil and Cosmos, to which Jamison nearly faints learning about.
  • This is the second series to feature a non-Japanese Rider after Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost, and the first to feature one as a Main Rider.

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