The first series in my version of the Kamen Rider franchise.


Teenager Ejii Hoshni is captured by a group call Dai-Delzar and transformed into a cyborg. However, Eji escapes and is freed from the Sword armour, sealed into a prototype device Eji steals and renames the Sword Buckler. He soon fights evil as Kamen Rider Sword. He is joined by Lee Kuuga, also known as Kamen Rider Gold, and Ejin Hoki, known as Kamen Rider Zexal. The three heroes are joined by the previous Kamen Riders, who teach them new moves. Sword gains the ability to use the main Riders powers through Sword Hilts that connects to his Sword.  



Eji Hosni-Kamen Rider Sword

Lee Kuuga-Kamen Rider Gold

Ejin Hoki-Kamen Rider Zexal.

The 31 legend Riders.



Shadow Moon

Bio Hunter Sliva



  1. Time for destiny! It's Sword time!
  2. Lava monster! Attack on the museum!
  3. Henshin! Who is Kamen Rider Gold?
  4. Fight! The night of the Spider Monster!
  5. There he is again! Kamen Rider Gold reappears!
  6. Kamen Rider Gold revealed! Can it be?!
  7. Fight! Here comes Kamen Rider Zexal!
  8. Arrival! The 31 legend Riders!
  9. The Sword Hilts of the past! 
  10. Revival! Shadow Moon Returns!
  11. Eternal Nightmare! Red and Blue Flare of evil!
  12. Another revival! Bio Hunter Sliva returns!

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