This Is The 4th Episode Of Kamen Rider Spark


Ryoma Figures Out That The Train Only Can Turn into a Robot Only Once. Meanwhile, Kazari Fllowed Someone Into a Dark Alley But He Was Gone. He Got Back To The Tempura Restaraunt To Work as A Chef and Cashier. Kazari Found a Device Called The Battlenizer And It Holds 4 Kaiju. It Can Only Activate Only During a Kaijin's Evoulution. Meanwhile, A Guy Named Slyphie Wanted a Job As a Police. He Guarded The Prisinors But He Slept, Making The Prisinors Escape. Slyphie Was So Sad Because He Was Fired. Kamen Rider Sixteen Came and Gave Him an Egg. He Go And Attacked The City.

Kazari Now Knows The Name Of The Kaijus. The Kaijus are Galberos, Antlar, Salamandora & Gudon. Kazari and Ryoma Came To a Forest To Fight Slyphie. Slyphie Got Away. Kazari Go Met Razinù and Talk About The Slyphie Phantom. Razinù Said "Then, Let's Catch The Fire". They Found The Slyphie And Fought Him. When They Fought The Slyphie, A Fake Kazari Came and Turn Into Kamen Rider White Wizard. White Wizard Take Kazari's Life Force and Kazari Died. Flame Turn Into Coal Form Since Ryoma Cannot Transform. Flame Destroyed White Wizard. Slyphie Ate a Fruit and Became Zoa Muruchi. Ryoma Summoned Antlar Using The Battlenizer. Antlar Destroyed Muruchi and Got a Water Badge. They Have To Collect 10 Badges To Compeat In The Kamen Rider Battle. Then, They Go To The Next City.

Episode Line

Last Episode: Kamen Rider Spark Episode 3: The Closed World And The Giant Robo

Next Episode: Kamen Rider Spark Episode 5: The Rise Of Sixteen And Flame's Wrath



Kazari's Death










Zoa Muruchi


Slyphie Phantom


White Wizard

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