This Is The 3rd Episode Of Kamen Rider Spark


Sungazer Fangire




The Purple Couloured Train That Can Turn Into Stingray-Oh


Shotaro Gave Kazari A Purple Coulored Train. Ryutaros Came And Posses Kazari. Ryutaros Go Dance At The Street With Team Baron. Ryoma Came And Told Everything To Ryutaros. They Go In Ryutaros' Train And Go To Fuuto City. Fuuto City Was Attacked By Kamen Rider Birth and Birth-Busters. Kamen Rider Spark Henshin Into Tornado Star. After The Fight, The Sungazer Fangire Fight Kamen Rider Spark. Meanwhile, A Guy Named Razinù Was Taking Pictures Of Animals In The Forest. He Saw Kamen Rider Spark. Razinù Henshin Into Kamen Rider Flame. Both Of Them Fight. Razinù Wanted To Kill Kazari Because He Was Going To Turn Into A Greed. Kazari Created a Portal To a Closed World Name Meta-Field. The Place Was Covered In Ice. They Fight. After They Fight, They Talk Things Out And Became Kazari's Bodyguard.

They Saw The Sungazer Fangire. Kamen Rider Spark Henshin Into Tornado Star. The Sungazer Fangire Ate an Unknown Fruit From The Meta Field and Turn Into a Kaiju Named Golgolem. The Purple Train Turn Into a Giant Robot Named Stingray-Oh. A Few Minutes Ago, Spark Took Some Powers From The Power Rangers' Robot. Many Births Attacked Kamen Rider Flame. Flame Turn Into Coal Star. He Destroyed The Births And Took Their Eggs. Stingray-Oh Destroyed The Kaiju.

Kazari Got a Job as A Restaraunt Chef and Cashier. While He Was Selling Tempura, He Saw a Guy Running Away With a Face That Look Just Like Kazari. Kazari Chased Him Into An Ally Way.

Episode Line

Last Episode: Kamen Rider Spark Episode 2: The Truth of The Belt and An Upgrading Monster

Next Episode: Kamen Rider Spark Episode 4: The Fake Rider and The Death Of Kazari

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