This is The Second Episode of Kamen Rider Spark.


Shotaro Talk to Kazari and Ryoma About The Belt. He Said "That Belt Came From The Pyromedia Dimesion, and also That Monster. Well Not Really, You Have to Use The Egg-Mental in Your Hand to Destroy That Monster. Here is a Present From Me, It is Called The Sparklling Sword. Your Going to Use It For Your Final Battle Against The Capricorn Zodiarts". Kazari And Ryoma Go to The Streets and Buy A Fried Chili Dog (Fried Hot Dogs with Lots of Chili), Kazari's Favourite Food. While They Were Walking Home, Many man Was Walking Wearing The Same Outfit. The Men Stop. They Look at Kazari and Ryoma. The Men turn Into Kamen Rider Proto-Birth. Kazari and Ryoma Henshin Into Spark To Fight. After a While, A Birth Commander Talk To Them About Final Empire.

While They Were Walking, Kazari Bump into a Guy That Was Holding a Guitar That Looks Like Capricorn Zodiarts' Guitar. Kazari Stare At The Guy and The Guy Ran Away.They Henshin Into Spark and Try To Find The Guy. The Guy Transform Into Capricorn Zodiarts at Fight. Kazari Shot a Crossbow's Arrow At Him. The Capricorn Zodiarts Was Not Hurt But He Transform In to Soundwave Capricorn. An Egg Came Out of His Body So He Cannot Turn Back To Human. Spark Take The Egg and Spin The Nob On His Belt Twice. He Do A Rider Punch Strong Enough To Break his Horn. Soundwave Capricorn Escaped And Attack a Shopping Mall. Spark Went To The Shopping Mall.

Spark Fight Soundwave Capricorn But it Did Not Work. Kazari Said Put The Soundwave Egg That Came Out From His Body. Spark Turn into Tornado Star. He Fight The Soundwave Capricorn. Spark Turn The Knobe Once and Shot a Sniper Missle at Him and He Explode. He Turn Back To Human And Went To Jail. Kazari Said There is Some More Power In The Egg.

Episode Line

Last Episode: Kamen Rider Spark Episode 1: The Falling Stars And The Start Of a Journey

Next Episode: Kamen Rider Spark Episode 3: The Closed World And The Giant Robo

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