This Is The First Episode Of Kamen Rider Spark

Capricorn Zodiarts


Under a Bridge, In Aura City, Kamen Rider Decade Go Into a New World Named The Cracked World. He Figure Out There Is No Kamen Rider In The World. Then, Kamen Rider Sorcerer, Caucasus, Arc, Rey, Amadum and Yuuki (Skull Form) Came And Attacked Decade. Decade's Belt Was Destroyed But Turn Into The Lost Driver (W). Shotaro Was Actully in Decade And He Turned Into Kamen Rider Joker. He Fight Rey and Destroyed It. Many Proto-Births Came And Attack Joker. Joker Fainted. After 3 Hours, Shotaro Woke Up and Seen Holding The Legend Driver. He Found Kazari (Os Greed) and Gave Him The Driver. Kazari's Greed Form Was Destroyed By Os But Not His Human Form. Joker Said That The Spark Driver Is Only Worn By To Humans Only.

Kazari Go Back To His Hangout, A Skate Park Named Kazapark. He Had Many Friends There. His Friends Are Ryoma, Maya and Razinù. Meanwhile, A Guy Named Takato, Wanted To Be a Rockstar But His Manager Won't let Him Be A Rockstar Because He Hade No Talent. His Dream Was Destroyed. After a While, Caucasus (Human Form) Gave Him An Egg Couloured Black And Yellow Called "The Capricorn Egg". He Activate It and Turn Into The Capricorn Zodiarts. He Go To Kazapark And Wanting to Attacked Kazari.

Capricorn Zodiarts Attacked Kazari. Capricorn Zodiarts' Gituar Shot A Powerful Sound Wave. Kazari Gave Ryoma The Belt. The Belt Turn Into a Wrist Band And Go To Kazari. Ryoma Have The Egg. They Henshin Into One And Fight Capricorn At a Parking Lot. Capricorn Escaped And They Henshin Back. Shotaro Came and Talked To Them About The Belt

Episode Line

Previous Episode: None

Next Episode: Kamen Rider Spark Episode 2: The Truth of The Belt and An Upgrading Monster

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