Kamen Rider: Hex
Number: 1
Number of episodes: 36 (Planned)
First episode: TBA
Last episode: TBA
Intro: N/A
Original airing: TBA
Producer: Thantosiet
Production Order
Kamen Rider Hex is an upcoming series by Thantosiet.


Deep beneath the Earth's surface is another world called Korundum. There, a struggling leader decides to cement her power by invading the world that originally invaded theirs generations ago. To stop her, an exiled prince named Mizu calls upon the same technology his family once used to subjugate Korundum and becomes Kamen Rider Hex.


Rider Name
Scarab Amaya Song
Hex Mizu


Witch Lapis Lazuli


Kono Dolom

Professor Hasegawa


Hex Medallion: A six-sided silver-and-violet medallion, which Hex inserts into his belt to henshin.

  • Evil Eye: A hexagonal shield.
  • Curse Shots: A pair of pepperbox guns.
  • Ill Stars: V-shaped shuriken stored in the Hex armor’s vambraces, which can be extended to grip an unsteady surface, or fired.
  • Bane Blade: A two-edged broadsword.
  • Jinx Hammer: A war hammer.
  • Motohex: A motorcycle armed with Hydra Guns—they fire chains that can be electrified.

Blessed Key: A key which, in addition to the Hex Medallion, transforms Hex Rider into his Blessed form.

Scarab Amulet: An Egyptian-style amulet used by the Scarab Rider to henshin.

  • A set of clawlike blades or short swords, which extend from the Rider's forearms.

Scorpion Amulet: Used by the Scarab Rider to upgrade to Scorpion form.

  • A chain whip with a poisoned blade on one end.

Horus Amulet: Used to upgrade to Horus form.

  • The Rider's arms transform into wings, enabling her to fly.


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