Kamen Rider Rex
Series Number 01
# of Episodes: ???
First Episode ???
Last Episode: ???
Intro: ???
Producer: Millennium Productions
Previous Series None
Future Series Unknown

Kamen Rider Rex (仮面ライダーレックスKamen Raidā Rekkusu) is a Dinosaur themed Kamen Rider produced by MillenniumRanger.



Triassic Class Riders

Kamen Rider Rex Koichirou Shibuya
Kamen Rider Marine Shigeru Yusa
Kamen Rider Mass Masashi Morikawa
Kamen Rider Spike Joe Onodera

Jurrassic Class Riders

Kamen Rider Tank Shouma Ozu
Kamen Rider Stealth Kenjiro Nakata
Kamen Rider Velocity Ayumu Shiono
Kamen Rider Saber Takeru Seki



  • "Fossil Lord of the Land" - Seichi
  • "Fossil Lord of the Sea" - Makaiyo
  • "Fossil Lord of the Sky" - Gizosora
  • "Fossil Lord of Darkness" - Ankokukai




  • This is the first Kamen Rider Series created by MillenniumRanger

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