Kamen Rider Nino is the 27th season of the Kamen Rider television franchise, and he is the 34th Rider, as well as the first Rider to have a kid as the protagonist. It has a toy motif.


While 5-year-old Koda Misagi is attending his first day of kindergarten, the infamous Jackass Company and the CEO Sakurai Hongo have plans to wreck havoc just as an excuse to expand their profitable crime business. Hongo seeks help from Morkza, an evil bodyless demon who is free from his slumber so he can find someone, like Hongo, to help him conquer mankind. Sakurai Hongo's failed devices for the market is the Ninoverer, which Koda curiously finds, was invented as a weapon for the test pilot to test. When Koda keeps witnessing innocent people being temporarily transformed into brainwashed monsters by the Jackass Corporation, Koda uses the Ninoverer to become Kamen Rider Nino so he can have some fun...and to dispense justice!


Koda Misagi: a 5-year-old, good-mannered kindergartener who is bored and is not thrilled enough by the school's toys children play at their spare time. But things change when he finds a glitched Ninoverer somewhere in the playground. Sick of "monsters" invading his life, he uses it to become Kamen Rider Nino to ward off Morkza's advance.


Teetoter: Nino's tricycle-like motorcycle that can go from three-wheeling tricycle to two-wheeler motorcycle.

Ninoverer: Nino's henshin belt that transforms him to any mode depending on what Shotoy is inserted on the top slot.

Whipope: Nino's jump-rope-like weapon that functions as a whip.


Action Figure Shotoy: SD-Nino-figurine-like Shotoy that allows Koda to become Kamen Rider Nino.

Jump Rope Shotoy: a jump-rope-like Shotoy that can plug in the Whipope to make it useable.


Morkzo: a formless ghost-like demon that Sakurai bows to. He communicates through Sakurai's cell phone.

Sakurai Hongo: a shameless and greedy CEO of the corrupt Jackass Company that can do everything to get more money, even if it means putting innocent lives at stake.


The Haters, created by Morkza, were monsters of the week for this incarnation.

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