This article is about a/an list of episodes in Kamen Rider Neos.

This is a list of episodes for the Kamen Rider Neos fanfic made by Richard Surraco. The episodes/chapters are known as Odysseys. They will be uploaded to both deviantART and in the weekends (UTC-3).


The series is meant to be split in three major arcs. The first of these arcs is the Shadow Syndicate Arc, which will take the first 20 episodes.

Episode # Title Airdate

Odyssey 1: Beyond Magic

July 13, 2014 2014
Takashi Sonoda becomes a substitute teacher at Chihouden Junior High after the previous teacher got comatose. That night, the Nightmare Land Generals go to take his soul, while the Lovely Crusaders are defeated while trying to protect him, but in the middle of the attack he gets dragged out of his dimension by a strange wall that leads him to meet face to face with Kamen Rider Decade!
2 Odyssey 2: Riding the Racer July 2014 2014

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