Kamen Rider Neos
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Original airing: Odyssey 1: Beyond Magic
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Kamen Rider Neos is a fan-made tokusatsu story based on the Kamen Rider series. Alternatively, it's the seventeenth series in the Heisei period and the twenty-sixth series overall. The story has a different setting than other Kamen Rider series, leaning towards parody, by heavily featuring non-Rider transforming heroes in the form of Magical Girls and Magical Warriors, contrasting with the purely technological G.E.A.R.S. Riders.


The world is filled with magical girls, but the strongest activity happens in the bustling city of Malich, which had been for centuries under the guard of the Dream Palace, who holds the Core of Light that blesses the magical warriors from the area. However, the amount of enemies is growing, to the point they are called the Shadow Syndicate in news, despite the fact these factions are all for themselves. Things change with Takashi Sonoda, a 22 y-o junior high teacher in the Chihouden Junior High, one of the several places where magical battles occur.

One night, after getting accidentally involved in one of these fights, Takeshi falls into a Dimensional Wall into an A.R. World where he meets Kamen Rider Decade. When he returns to his world after the meeting, he finds out a G.E.A.R.S. Equipment, gaining the ability to become Kamen Rider Neos and using his powers to defend the innocents of Malich from the Shadow Syndicate.


G.E.A.R.S. Riders

Kamen Rider Neos Takashi Sonoda
Kamen Rider Valiant Hiroshi Sento
Kamen Rider Rekka Tadase Mokka
Kamen Rider Blaster Kamen Rider Blaster

Lovely Crusaders

Heart Rose Megami Shiranami
Melody Aqua Sora Nanata
Elegance Leaf Ryoko Sonomura
Energy Sun Miyako Mokka
Courage Flare Mami Tanisegawa
Purity Moon Purity Moon


Chihouden Junior High

Heart Seekers Club

Beautiful Ninja Loveangel Loveangel
Forest Ninja Knighthorn


Dream Palace

  • Princess Somnia
  • Skylight


Shadow Syndicate

  • Nightmare Land
    • Princess Umbra
    • Mirouse
    • Hearecker
    • Souleach
    • Creveast
    • Nightlings
  • Shadow Circle
    • Vainillia
    • Loth
    • Aengaer
    • Sinigans
  • Princess Dorothea
    • Sasami
    • Lamia
    • Mystoy Beasts


  • Dr. Shinigami
  • Shocker Combatant
  • Shocker Evo Kaijins
Kamen Rider Counter Kamen Rider Counter


Main article: Kamen Rider Neos Episodes

The story is planned to split into three major arcs, the first of them being the Shadow Syndicate Arc. All the episodes are labeled as Odysseys.


  • Given the nature of the series, this is the first Kamen Rider story to strongly feature transforming heroes outside of the Kamen Riders themselves.
  • This is also the first Kamen Rider story that features Magical Girls outside specific movies.
  • The series' tagline, which is also the main rider's pre-battle quote, is based on Kamen Rider Psyga's own pre-battle quote "Let the game begin" from his first appearance.
    • In fact, both can be roughly translated to "Sā, shiai o hajimemashou"
      • However, while Psyga says it in english, Takashi says it in japanese.