Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: The Movie is a fanfictional feature-length film based on the American adaptation series of the same name.

According to early licensing information for the series, Adness Entertainment had intended to film a feature-length movie for Dragon Knight. In an interview, Steve Wang stated that they had written a story for a film, but Adness was raising money to bring over another Kamen Rider for broadcast in the US rather than a film or a second season of Dragon Knight. (Unfortunately, that never happened. (But hey, who knows? Anything's possible.))


Not long after his defeat by the Kamen Riders, the ghost of Xaviax returns in his plot for revenge. He is able to gain control of the body of Trent Moseley, a close friend of Kit Taylor (Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) & member of the No-Men, & uses it to become a Kamen Rider. Michelle Walsh, another member, call Kit & fellow Rider Len to deal with Xaviax & save their friend. While they're attempting to do so, Xaviax introduces to them his new recruit & right-hand Rider: Aaron, a corrupt young man with a dark & tragic past &, not to mention, the Earth counterpart of Len.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Kit Taylor Stephen Lunsford
Kamen Rider Wing Knight Len Matt Mullins
Cerberus Rider Aaron Auttenberg Matt Mullins
Butterfly Rider Trent Moseley[1] (puppet)/Xaviax[2][3] ► Trent Moseley Taylor Emerson/William O'Leary ► Taylor Emerson

Supporting characters

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