Kamen rider colour by tokusatsuwatcher-d5bw7ga

Kamen Rider Color Normal Form

Color is the rider that was created 1000 years ago, this rider was made by Crome to wield the power of Color.


Normal Form

  • Weapon: Color Sword

Finisher: Color Kick, Color Slash

Midori Form

  • Weapon: Hand Color Claws
  • Finisher: Midori Burst, Green Kick

Murasaki Form

  • Weapon: Hand Color Fangs and Claws
  • Finisher: Murasaki Spinning Crush, Purple Kick

Kin Form

  • Weapon: Hand ColorClaws, Legs ColorFangs
  • Finisher: Kin Double Kick, Yellow Punch

Ao Form

  • Weapon: Hand ColorClaws.
  • Finisher: Ao Spining Slash, Back Kick 

Overall Equipment


  • ColorDriver
  • Color Sword
  • Color Claw/Fang


  • Machine ColoChar