Kaijitsu Rider x Pretty Cure x Toriko: Warrior God Gekijoban Tournament (カイジツライダーとプリキュアとトリコ:武神劇場版大会 Kaijitsu Raidā to Purikyua to Toriko: Bujin Gekijōban Taikai?) is the crossover film of Kaijitsu Rider, Pretty Cure and Toriko. While continuing the story of Kaijitsu Rider, Samuel, however, scolded by Setsuna Higashi who needs to his jobs done. After this, the new enemy was approached that he's his former form named Bujin Joo who was born from Samuel's anger which set to go the Bujin World, the outside of Magic World. However, the cannibal Beast was alternate Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo is attacking and consumes all of his friends to make more powerful.


Samuel's Retiring Event?!

After episode 26, All of the Riders were altogether and fight off the new villains. However, Samuel was scolded by Setsuna Higashi that he needs to get a job done.

The New Enemy Appears!!

The Bujin Tournament!!


Beat Riders

Red Orange Orange Deluxe Agido Joo
Green Lime Lime Suite Shitoron
Blueberry Blueberry Tropical Raquel
New Grape Inori Tsubomiya

Five Assassin Riders

Singular Rider Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo (after betrayed when his true past was revealed, later, reformed after his only true truth)
War Rider Ciel Phantomhive
Game Rider Tsukihito Amanuma
Sniper Rider Kaname Hagiri
Dual Rider Earl Alois Trancy (Revealed he was survived when his fake death)

Phantomonster Riders

Swordmaster Masuki Joo
Blastmaster Tsukami


  • Roho Joo
  • Melk the Second
  • Wise God Torin
  • Kasuza (Samuel's Ying)
  • Madaio (a master of Generation Beasts and mentor of Kurama)
  • Doctor Ulshade
  • Captain Marvelous
  • Asuna
  • Chibibon


The Crews

  • Shadow the Knight (originally as his dark energy-like being before seperating with Marine Lady Makuria and the strange mist appeared on Agido and his friends)
  • Eustace (co-leader)
  • Dr. Mikoto (co-leader)
  • Darkros (co-leader)
  • Luika (Samuel's Yang)
  • Commander Zog
  • Professor Vice

Horen Faction

Stink Durian Head Chef Horen
Laser Raspberry Rider Hunter Saiyer
Planetary Pitaya Planet Hunter Odrago
Rage Lemonade Darkness Hunter Maoryugami
Aqua Neptune Marine Lady Makuria
Crimson Butterfly Blood Hunter Gaojin
Gold Dragon Magic Hunter Solda

Movie-exclusive Villains

Bujin World

Bujin Singular Rider Bujin Joo (a Samuel's former form since Samuel's betrayal to Edo people)


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