Kaijitsu Rider x DokiDoki Pretty Cure: Gekijoban Goodbye, DokiDoki Cures! Farewell as the Future (カイジツライダーとドキドキプリキュア:劇場版さよなら,ドキドキキュア! さらばの将来 Kaijitsu Raidā to DokiDoki Purikyua: Gekijōban Sayonara, DokiDoki Kyua! Saraba no Shōrai?)


After the event of episode 37, the evil Rider Desun have arrived in the present to kill Samuel.


Beat Riders

  • Drazetron Ibves
  • Agido Joo



Singular Rider S Evil Former Shadow Knight Desun


  • This movie was the longest name in the film.
  • Though Drazetron kept the Flute Buster, she create the another Flute Buster but simple called Dreadarang, the recolored version of regular Flute Buster.
  • Unlike previous films, this shown to kaijin which is Drazetron, not Agido or Samuel.
  • Singular Rider S Evil makes return and assumes her Rider form without Samuel's evil Rider form.
    • While Samuel's evil Rider form was reappearance, it was revealed that Singular Rider S Evil form was destroyed, but the one tiny bit survived then resurrected his former suit to make Desun's personal Rider form.

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