Kaijitsu Rider vs. Zero: Ghost Movie War (カイジツライダー対零:幽霊MOVIE大戦 Kaijitsu Raidā tai Zero: Yūrei Mūbī Taisen?) is the second Gourmet Burst Slash movie and crossover of Kaijitsu Rider and the forbidden location Zero World. This second movie was continues to the first movie. This movie event caused Ibves World was taken to the forbidden place is Zero World which is the Ibves and malevolent spirits invasion causing the all of the immature Lockseeds were died out caused by Samuel Nakaoka's three main antagonists (Kirie Himuro, Sae Kurosawa and Reika Kuze).


The Invasion of the Ibves and the Spirits

After caused by the time-traveling Rider ends, however, the Ibves World was begin to move to the forbidden location, Zero World.

Attacked by Kirie



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