Kaijitsu Rider and Toriko: The Evil Spirit of Warrior God Flower (カイジンツライダーとトリコ:武人花の悪霊 Kaijintsuraidā to Toriko: Bujin Hana no Akuryō?) is the crossover film of Kaijitsu Rider and Toriko. This movie was the bestest film in the all because Toriko character were appeared in this movie.


Toriko: The Demonic Flower

After time event of Four Beast, Toriko and the others were traveled to Bujin Island to see the new Beasts around.

Kaijitsu Rider: K'nuckles' Returns

Movie War: The Evil Blood's Awakened


Beat Riders

Red Orange Orange Deluxe Agido Joo
Green Lime Lime Suite Shitoron
Blueberry Blueberry Tropical Raquel


  • Roho Joo
  • Melk the Second
  • Wise God Torin
  • Kasuza (Samuel's Ying)
  • Madaio (a master of Generation Beasts and mentor of Kurama)
  • Doctor Ulshade
  • Captain Marvelous
  • Asuna
  • Chibibon


The Crews

  • Eustace (co-leader)
  • Dr. Mikoto (co-leader)
  • Darkros (co-leader)
  • Luika (Samuel's Yang)
  • Commander Zog
  • Professor Vice

Evil Faction

Stink Durian Head Chef Horen
Laser Raspberry Rider Hunter Saiyer
Planetary Pitaya Planet Hunter Odrago
Rage Lemonade Darkness Hunter Maoryugami
Crimson Butterfly Blood Hunter Gaojin

Movie-exclusive Villains

Kaijitsu Rider Villains

Toriko Villains


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